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    Original BarSol Pisco Cocktails

    Mental Roulette

    Upcoming TDN – Oval Vodka

    Vodka alone accounts for over 20% of spirits sales in the U.S. yet gets not play with the cocktail snobs. Think you’re so cool only working with ingredients that taste like tree bark and gasoline? How about mixology where you are in charge of all the flavors. No chance to rest your ass with a delicious Gin. No aged whiskey to do your work for you. Want complex flavor? It’s up to you captain. Join us and Oval Vodka for this week’s TDN ( What’s Thursday Drink Night? ).

    Log in to the chat room!

    Pisco Wrap-Up

    Diego Loret de Mola joined us last Thursday in the Mixoloseum chat room to answer more than a handful of questions regarding the different types of pisco and its production. He is knowledgeable on all things pisco and was a delight to have on hand. Drinks were created late into the evening and the offering was gregariously varied – everything from Campari to Chartreuse found its way into the glass, though I think egg emerged as pisco’s best friend for the evening.

    A few of us had the pleasure of slinging cocktails live at Embury’s at the Fire House in Pittsburgh, PA. Fred Sarkis was our bartender, and the perfect TDN host. The venue was just right and some of the best drinks of the night came from his willing hands. (This is not skewed by the fact that I didn’t have to make any of them, to be sure.)

    The winning cocktail of the evening was created by Blair Reynolds, tiki-freak and up-and-coming bartender.

    Que Lastima

    • 2 oz Barsol Quebranta pisco
    • 3/4oz lime juice
    • 1/2oz cinnamon syrup
    • 1/4oz falernum
    • 1 dash Fee’s Old Fashioned bitters
    • 1 dash pimento dram

    Shake briefly with crushed ice and spent lime half. Drop, unadulterated, into an old fashioned glass made of solid cinnamon.

    Blair Reynolds from Trader Tiki

    Featured Cocktails

    Viejo Peruano

    • 2oz BarSol pisco
    • 1/4oz Galliano
    • 1t simple syrup
    • 3 dashes celery bitters
    • orange peel, for garnish

    Gently muddle orange peel with celery bitters with a halberd. Add Galliano and simple syrup and stir with a lone ice cube. Add Pisco and more ice and stir again.

    Greg Boehm from Mud Puddle Books

    Mental Roulette

    • 1 1/2oz BarSol pisco
    • 3/4oz Campari
    • 1/2oz lemon juice
    • 1/2oz falernum

    Shake with full concentration, strain into a glass filled with crushed ice.

    Marleigh from Sloshed!

    Industrial Sex

    • 1oz BarSol pisco
    • 1oz cachaça
    • 1/2oz Averna
    • 1/2oz lime juice
    • 1/2oz vanilla syrup
    • 1 dash Fee’s whiskey barrel-aged bitters

    Shake like a paint mixer, strain into a cocktail glass

    Craig from Dr. Bamboo

    La Fineza

    • 1 1/2oz BarSol Quebranta pisco
    • 1oz dry vermouth
    • 1/2oz Aperol
    • 1/4oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur
    • 1t rich simple syrup (to taste)
    • 1 green apple slice, for garnish

    Stir with a smooth, flowing motion, strain into your most elegant cocktail glass, and garnish with green apple slice

    Stevi from Two at the Most

    South American Flip

    • 2 oz BarSol pisco
    • 1/2oz Cynar
    • 3/4oz lime juice
    • 1/2oz simple syrup
    • 3/4oz falernum
    • 1 whole egg
    • nutmeg, for garnish

    Shake your money maker and strain into glass.

    Fred Sarkis

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    2 Comments to “ Original BarSol Pisco Cocktails”
    1. MissMeaghanNo Gravatar says:

      Excited to play with these recipes! I’ve been looking to be break outside the pisco sour at my bar, la fineza will be first looks great

    2. TiareNo Gravatar says:

      I only have the only Pisco you can find here which is Capel, as i understand it its not half as good as Barsol?

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