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Original Rye Whiskey Cocktails

Upcoming TDN – Rum The rum-infused week sails on toward Thursday Drink Night and our ship’s hold is filled to the breaking point, leaving us drowning in delicious bilge water. So turn your cocktail shaker into a bucket and join us this week to create original rum cocktails. The prize for the best original cocktail, […]

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Original Mount Gay Rum Cocktails

Upcoming TDN and Chat – Absinthe To piggyback on Tuesday’s upcoming Absinthe Chat with the Wormwood Society (and friends), the theme for this week’s Thursday Drink Night will be absinthe! Whether using a nano-drop or a five ounce death pour, every drink of the night will be made with our favorite louching spirit [ok, that […]

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How to Make Orgeat Syrup

(Yes, I’m giving some away… see below) Orgeat (almond syrup) is the rabbits foot in a witches cauldron. And once unearthed, it will find its way into every damn cocktail you create. But wait, isn’t orgeat only used in tiki drinks? From the Scorpion Bowl where it balances tart orange, aromatic gin, and soothing brandy […]

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Original Metaxa Drinks

Upcoming TDN – Mount Gay XO Mount Gay Extra Old is one of my favorite rums and offers vast potential for Thursday Drink Night. It’s wonderful on its own and it may be one of the most mixable rums I’ve tried. And to add a high-proof float to the evening, we’ll be crafting original cocktails […]

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Original “Rinsed” Cocktails – TDN

Upcoming TDN Telephone No, it’s not the new cocktail version of the iPhone, but it’s sure different from our usual Thursday Drink Night themes. Remember the game “telephone” from when you were a child? Well, TDN will kick off with the person at the top of the chatroom list submitting a drink. 15 minutes later […]

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New Zombie Recipes – TDN

What the heck is Thursday Drink Night? I love tiki drinks. And the Zombie is about as close as you can get to tiki perfection. So, as one might expect, we decided to improve upon a classic, or better said, create a ton of wacky new spin-offs that break nearly every rule of Zombie creation. […]

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Thursday Drink Night!

Last night sealed the deal on a new tradition in the cocktail community. For the second time, countless bloggers and readers found themselves in the Mixoloseum Chat Room sharing cocktail recipes, creating new ones, and imbibing into the wee hours of the night. What are the rules? Show up. Come up with a crazy cocktail […]

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