Martin Cate to Open Tiki Bar in San Francisco

Smuggler's Cove

Such exciting news! Martin is fantastically talented, and I for one am filled with uncontrollable anticipation for his new rum bar.

This fall, San Francisco will become home to Smuggler’s Cove, a new bar designed to celebrate the incredible diversity and versatility of the world’s most exciting spirit: Rum. Smuggler’s Cove offers a whole new approach to rum by featuring a vast array of traditional Caribbean drinks, classic libations of Prohibition-Era Havana, and famous exotic cocktails from legendary tiki bars- all under one roof. In addition, Smuggler’s Cove will offer an unparalleled selection of rare and premium rums from around the world carefully selected for enjoying on their own or skillfully blended into cocktails.

For over a decade, owner and creator Martin Cate has been passionate about rum and tropical cocktails. He was the co-creator, designer and chief mixologist for Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Alameda, CA. He has judged in international rum competitions, met with over a dozen rum distillers in five countries, and lectured at Bourbon and Branch’s Beverage Academy, Tales of the Cocktail, and Tiki Oasis. “I am very excited to help showcase this wonderfully varied spirit both on its own and in delicious cocktails. A great rum drink can be simple and elegant, or complex and dynamic, but it must always be balanced, approachable, and just a pleasure to drink,” says Martin Cate. “Too often, people associate rum with syrupy and artificial drinks and we’re here to change that.”

Martin has traveled the world to learn the rich history and explore the traditional spices and regional ingredients of the world’s rum producing countries in order to feature them in the cocktails of Smuggler’s Cove. As an award-winning mixologist and member of the United States Bartenders Guild for the last four years, Martin is committed to using only the best quality spirits, fresh-squeezed juices, and housemade ingredients. But while Martin is serious about the drinks, he knows that people are looking for a memorable and fun experience as well. “Smuggler’s Cove will be more than just a tiki bar, but it will feature the kind of dramatic, mysterious, and escapist atmosphere that makes a tiki bar so special- and makes rum taste better!” Smuggler’s Cove will include waterfalls, vintage nautical décor and rum memorabilia, and relics from some of San Francisco’s most famous historic watering holes. Smuggler’s Cove will open November 2009 in San Francisco, CA.

There also appears to be a clue on his web site as to where the bar will be, but this is all I could find: The Veil

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6 Comments to “ Martin Cate to Open Tiki Bar in San Francisco”
  1. TiareNo Gravatar says:

    This is just awesome news! i really need to get myself over to the US more often.


  2. dbeachNo Gravatar says:

    I totally did not understand what was going on at that link, and as an SF resident, I am interested. Very excited for this. Just hoping it’s not in the Marina.

  3. BonzoGalNo Gravatar says:


  4. Cocktail Fan in JerseyNo Gravatar says:

    “The Veil” link appears to be sassy. Is there a code word you are suppose to type in? What’s the space for typing suppose to be for?
    Is the code word rum?

    Curious indeed…

    I’m excited for the bar and I only visit SF once a year!

  5. ChinaNobNo Gravatar says:

    Dear God, it better NOT be in the Marina. FiDi or North Beach I could live with, but not the Marina.

  6. dbeachNo Gravatar says:

    Just heard via Eater SF that Smuggler’s Cove will be located at the current site of Jade, which for those unfamiliar with the area, is on Gough near McAllister. It is somewhere between ghetto and opera/ballet crowd. More the former, though.

    The current Jade already has the waterfall thing going in there.

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