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Original Swizzles

Upcoming TDN – Beefeater 24 Gin has been one of the most successful Thursday Drink Night themes, generating a vast array of tasty libations each time its featured. Well, nothing’s being held back this time. In addition to our regular chat room intensity, several of us will be live at the Quarter Bar in New […]

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Cocktail Season in San Francisco

It was HOT in San Francisco last week week. I’m talking 93 degrees in parts of the city that are usually reliably fog-covered. Solution? Lots of frosty cocktails. Last Sunday, for example, I found myself in the vicinity of Alembic. While Alembic is a suitable destination for quaffable concoctions any day of the week, this […]

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Original Absinthe Cocktails

Upcoming TDN – Swizzle Pouring high-proof rum over the bed of crushed ice brings me joy and happiness. But what about gin and Chartreuse? Or vermouth and Peychaud bitters? This coming Thursday we’ll be making more swizzles than you can twirl a stick at. And as voted on by the participants, the best cocktail of […]

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Original Mount Gay Rum Cocktails

Upcoming TDN and Chat – Absinthe To piggyback on Tuesday’s upcoming Absinthe Chat with the Wormwood Society (and friends), the theme for this week’s Thursday Drink Night will be absinthe! Whether using a nano-drop or a five ounce death pour, every drink of the night will be made with our favorite louching spirit [ok, that […]

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How to Make Orgeat Syrup

(Yes, I’m giving some away… see below) Orgeat (almond syrup) is the rabbits foot in a witches cauldron. And once unearthed, it will find its way into every damn cocktail you create. But wait, isn’t orgeat only used in tiki drinks? From the Scorpion Bowl where it balances tart orange, aromatic gin, and soothing brandy […]

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Original Metaxa Drinks

Upcoming TDN – Mount Gay XO Mount Gay Extra Old is one of my favorite rums and offers vast potential for Thursday Drink Night. It’s wonderful on its own and it may be one of the most mixable rums I’ve tried. And to add a high-proof float to the evening, we’ll be crafting original cocktails […]

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Dottie’s Tru Blue Cafe and a Lot of Cocktails

I’ve learned an important San Franciscan lesson. If you’re waiting in line for food, it’s going to be good. There are no secret culinary cubbies or seedy dive bars. If it’s tasty, word gets out. I’ve waiting in line for probably 75% of the grub-obtaining places I’ve visited. And all of them have been worth […]

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Thursday Drink Night: Live from San Francisco

Tomorrow, April 2nd, at 7pm (EDT) we will be celebrating Metaxa, that quintessentially Greek spirit that brings to mind Mediterranean sands, curly-haired mythological avatars, and Dionysian nymphs dancing about in the best your mind’s eye can offer. And, best of all, we will gather amongst the finest folks the West Coast has to offer. Join […]

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It is a well-known fact that penguins are members of high society and enjoy fine cocktails. Our very own kaiser penguin would like me to mention that he also enjoys various treats from the sea.