Thursday Drink Night: Live from San Francisco

Tomorrow, April 2nd, at 7pm (EDT) we will be celebrating Metaxa, that quintessentially Greek spirit that brings to mind Mediterranean sands, curly-haired mythological avatars, and Dionysian nymphs dancing about in the best your mind’s eye can offer. And, best of all, we will gather amongst the finest folks the West Coast has to offer. Join us in our revelry as a raucous gang including Martin Cate, Gabriel Szaszko, Matt Rowley, Marleigh Riggins, Camper English, Matt Robold, Michelle Whiting, myself and many other TDN enthusiasts will be descending upon Erik Ellestad’s house and doing the Grecians proud.

Imbibe Metaxa Contest

We will ALSO be submitting the best drink of the evening to Imbibe’s Ultimate Metaxa Cocktail Contest in the participant’s unsullied name. You want a trip to Greece, don’t you?


  • When: This Thursday Night, 7:00pm (EST) (but join in any time)
  • Where: The Mixoloseum Bar
  • Feed of Live SF Event: Mixoloseum Channel
  • Bring: Drink inspirations, an appreciation for the finer things spirits have to offer, and a love of laughter and a friendly group.

Free Stuff

The best drink of the evening will receive a bottle of Aromatic Cocktail Bitter: Bitter Blueberry courtesy of Greg Boehm and Cocktail Kingdom.

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