MxMo “Limit One” Round-Up #3

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The Round-Up

All you cocktail nuts are awesome. It has been so much fun putting together this edition of Mixology Monday. The entries have been deliciously written, intriguing, and full of quality spirits, cocktails, and way more booze than a sane person should consume, well, ever.

Palo Alto

Ted’s Palo Alto

Ted sent me a very nice email to introduce himself and his foray into Mixology Monday. What are we up to now – five first-timers? In his email he apologized, saying he was more of a writer than a mixologist. The Palo Alto defies his humbleness. Anyone who utilizes ingredients unobtainable in PA and makes their own wine syrup is well worthy of being called a fine drink maker. Or at least one who makes me jealous!

Bobby's Mai Tai

Jimmy’s Bobby’s Mai Tai

Ah, the Mai Tai. One of Jimmy’s customers, whose name titles this drink, enjoys consuming all his Mai Tais for the evening in one glass. I can’t say I’d ever approve of doubling a tiki recipe … … ahem. He builds the drink instead of shaking it up, and I must say that I don’t mind this approach, especially with potent exotic cocktails. Do you find that a shake, a stir, or a whazz in the blender is best for tiki dilution?

The Joe Cooper

Matt’s Joe Cooper

I was reading through the ingredient list for this fine looking cocktail and there it was… the evil spirit. I drew back in horror! For it was… one full ounce of Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum. The last, and only, time I tasted this demon spirit, all I tasted was gasoline, grappa, and grandpa’s socks. Fellow cocktail enthusiasts have told me it’s really good for extracting all the goodness out of any ingredient for making syrups and the like. I can see how this would be so. Go with caution, my fair readers. Or… sub with Lemon Hart and enjoy the fine blood orange bitters, rums, and demerara syrup that round out this sexy entry.



The lusty eGullet crew pulls through again to bring us seven entries:

Thanks Erik for bringing this all together; you are a great asset to the cocktail community. Also, a note goes out to Brennan for his entry in the comments section; check it out!

A peep!

Felicia’s Caipirinha

Though a lovely elixir, the caipirinha doesn’t pass the 3oz test. But we’ll let it slide, as our host garnishes drinks with peeps. Not this drink, but that doesn’t matter; the picture was too good to pass up. Does anyone else buy peeps for the sole purpose of blowing them up in the microwave?


Joe’s Bulleit

The only reason I’m giving Joe space here is because he is the purveyor of an absolutely lovely passion fruit syrup from Hawaii. Not that I don’t greatly approve of his drink of choice. His recipe is simple: Bulleit Bourbon, 1 cube ice. Put ice in glass, pour Bulleit over. Drink. Is that picture taken on your bathroom floor, Joe?

A peep!

Darcy’s White Plush

Following in the footsteps of our last entry, Darcy brings us the White Plush. This time, Buffalo Trace (quite the fine bourbon) and milk are mixed to the customer’s delight. I’m starting to wonder if these more booze, less fuss cocktails showed up in my inbox later than others for a reason…

Lucid eyes

SeanMike’s Earthquake

This is one packed cocktail! The trend continues with either absinthe or the exotic boosting all of the libations. Boasting only two ingredients (cognac and absinthe), this may be one of the deadliest entries yet. I am oh so glad I swore off any attempt to even try 1/10 of these fine submissions.

Fugu for Two

Anita’s Fugu for Two

A Forbidden Island original recipe unveiled! The Fugu for Two has got to be one of the best tiki drinks I’ve ever tasted, even though it -gasp- contains vodka. I can’t count the times that friends request a “Fugu for One,” and no, I don’t split the recipe in half. Anita also has a bunch of lovely FI photos up on Flickr that are worth checking out. Oh, how I miss you Forbidden Island. I think it is a universal tradition for first-timers to look at for-sale signs around Alameda after departing from a mystical voyage to such an exotic locale.

Plantation Punch

Marshall’s Plantation Punch and Tiki Bowl

Two tiki elixirs that I have never tried! Oh, the excitement! They both come from the book, Hawaii Tropical Rum Drinks and Cuisine. Does anyone else have this tome? I like how Marshall points out the importance of pastis in exotic cocktails, treating it as a seasoning more than a key component.

Irish Sazerac

Cynthia’s Irish Sazerac

I must say, and I feel like I’m fawning over everyone’s posts, but you’ve all done such a fine job of bringing to light new cocktails, reworking old ones, and making this one of my favorite MxMo’s to date. Cynthia’s spin on the Sazerac falls into Irish territory, replacing the rye with Irish Whiskey. I’m a little frightened by the use of Powers, though! Are you a Pennsylvanian as well?

Weeper's Joy

Paul’s Weeper’s Joy

Our Founding Father of Mixology Monday brings us quite a treat. Paul claims that his fine potion, the Weeper’s Joy, contains the official spirit of Kaiser Penguin: Gilka Kummel. This is a false rumor. There has been one cocktail that KP has enjoyed above all others, and it came in a competition among friends years ago. It involved seafood cheese dip. I will say no more on the subject. Paul’s delightful endeavor sounds FAR better.

Final Thoughts

It has been an absolute joy hosting this round of Mixology Monday. All of your submissions were excellent and a delight to read. Thanks for putting up (or enjoying) the staggered format. If I’ve somehow forgotten one of you, email me in an angry fashion, and I’ll add you to this final post with haste!

Next Mixology Monday?

April and the coming of spring gives us the theme of Fruit Liqueurs. Our gracious host is Anna over at Morsels and Musings. Entries are due April 14th!

KP Question

  1. I got many huzzahs at the paced round-up and a few grumbles as well. Weigh in on the format! Do you approve, and how you would change it?

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6 Comments to “ MxMo “Limit One” Round-Up #3”
  1. AnitaNo Gravatar says:

    [grumble] ;)

    But in all seriousness: For me, part of the fun of MxMo is seeing all the entries as a group. Breaking them all apart is like having cake one day and an ice-cold glass of milk the next — part of the pleasure of each is enjoying them together.

    I like to have all the entries in one post so that when I am linking to an old MxMo, there’s a single page that I can use.

    I also think it takes the excitement out of MxMo when the last entries are discussed 3 weeks later. I could maybe see stretching out the roundup over a week, but this format was too long. It’s time to move on to the next MxMo, already; I’m totally over the old theme by now, whereas I would have been more interested in reading about similar drinks when I was still in the “limit one” mindset.

  2. boredwiththeseaNo Gravatar says:

    Laird’s Bonded Applejack :: PLCB PLO: 068325, although SLO, but the Laird’s distribution network is pretty thick in Philadelphia at least. Southwark (4th and Bainbridge in Philadelphia), for example, stocks Laird’s bonded. E-mail me if you’d like distributors’ names.

    Cheers! Nick.

  3. boredwiththeseaNo Gravatar says:

    &, btw, I liked the split over several days, especially given the topic. Gave me the opportunity to whip stuff up at a reasonable pace.

    Cheers. N.

  4. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    ha ha! Victory. No, that’s my kitchen counter top…not quite the granite you have, but at least it’s heat resistant.

  5. I really liked the format; gave me the chance to read all the whole round-up, rather than just skimming through it as I would had it all been one post.

  6. […] Way back in April 2006, eight of us got together online to swap recipes and share experiences on cocktails with pastis. Now, we’re regularly drawing around 30 bloggers each month (including most of the original crew), and we’ve covered everything from aperitifs to winter warmers to cocktails that require careful supervision. […]

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