Tiki Photo Contest

Photo Contest - a penguin delicately shoots a picture of a martini, sans olive

Important Note: I just realized that my email account rick@kaiserpenguin.com wasn’t working. It should be now, so please re-submit any photos you sent along. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

As FireFox chokes to load all of my cocktail blog tabs, I sit back and hope for an exciting new cocktail. I apple-w through the list quickly, and a flash of color darts past my eye. I go back to my list and reload the blog I closed,and there sits a stunning picture of a simple gin and tonic. I get up from my medieval-looking chair, grab a bottle of gin, and make one. I don’t even begin reading until I sit back down, ice-cold glass in hand. It’s amazing how Gwen Stefani gulping down a -15°F coke with beads of water dripping off like a bad lens flare can make you want to grab one and guzzle it.

My goal with all of the pictures I post is to evoke this kind of visceral response, and it’s one of the reasons I started Kaiser Penguin. I get asked quite often how I produce the photos on Kaiser Penguin, and I’m going to hold nothing back.

How to take KP photographs

  • Make a beautiful drink. Don’t even put alcohol in it if you think you’ll be shooting long enough to make it watery and dull, just be sure the color matches the actual drink. Appropriate garnishes are key. Yes, even temperate lilies.
  • Set up a piece of white poster board outside with some rocks, bricks or some other support to make a curved L-shape.
  • Do this at 5pm when the sun is happy.
  • Get your Canon PowerShot A95 and take about 30 pictures.
  • Pick the best one and adjust the colors in Photoshop.

The Contest

The Prize

2 tiki-infused souls who submit the best exotic cocktail photos will win a copy of Sippin’ Safari. The Beachbum was so pleased at the idea that he has offered up the copies of his new book to give away.

The Rules

  • Submit up to three tiki cocktail photos to rick@kaiserpenguin.com.
  • The size will be 650x370px and they will be jpgs.
  • Submit a recipe of the drink.
  • The last day I will accept entires is Monday, August 20th.

As photos are submitted, I will add them to this page.

Want Makes a Great Photo?

What do you think makes a cocktail photo appealing? Share your thoughts!

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