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    Tales of the Cocktail – Tuesday – Update 1

    (posted from the Carousel Bar, Hotel Monteleone)

    Never before have I sampled 31 different rums in one day. Walking in for the first session, we were greeted by tables filled with rum. 18 per seating to be precise. The aroma was not unlike that of a food scientist who just took a bat to his glass case of flavorings. The session was surely flavored rums. After sitting down we got a brief intro by Ed Hamilton on how to taste and enjoy the rums, and we were off. Rather than give you all my ratings, I’ll list all the ones we tried and say that I think I scored a B-

    (warning: I’m sure some of these names are misspelled, so please feel free to taunt and correct me)

    • Temptryst Ruby Red
    • Temptryst Orange
    • Temptryst Key Lime
    • Rogue Spirits Hazelnut spice
    • Jumbie Coconut
    • Jumbie Mango
    • Jumbie Vanilla
    • Jumbie Pineapple
    • Ricardo Coconut
    • Ricardo Pineapple
    • Ricardo Mango
    • Ricardo Banana
    • Brinley Gold Vanilla
    • Brinley Gold Coffee
    • Brinley Gold Coconut
    • Brinley Gold Lime
    • Brinley Gold Mango
    • Castries Peanut Rum Cream
    • Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced

    I’d never had the The Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced before, and it was a treat. I’ll definitely be picking up a bottle.

    A few of us made our way to Mr. B’s for lunch between sessions. I really wanted to wear a bib, so I went with the “gulf shrimp barbecued New Orleans style, served in the shells with a peppery butter sauce, and French bread for dipping.” It was quite nice… especially the shrimp heads.

    As Ed promised, our next round of judging would be riddled with premium rums. This made things much more difficult. Much more. Again, I think I did well … maybe a B+ After we finished the judging, Ed lined up all the rums for us to see and compare our notes with.

    • Ron Alberlo
    • Ron Atlantico
    • Temptryst Pecanwood
    • Ron Matusalem
    • Dos Madores
    • Seven Fathoms
    • Cruzan Single Barrel
    • Temptryst Cherrywood
    • Angostura 1919
    • El Dorado 15
    • Temptryst Reserve Rum
    • Pyrat XO

    KP Question

    1. Do you have any favorites from the premium list?

    5 Responses to “Tales of the Cocktail – Tuesday – Update 1”

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    5 Comments to “ Tales of the Cocktail – Tuesday – Update 1”
    1. MrBaliHaiNo Gravatar says:

      I’m quite fond of the Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva. Don’t know which one you had though.

    2. ScottesNo Gravatar says:

      I could list a few off that list that I like… :-)

      The Brinley Vanilla is fantastic, as is the Castries. I’m truly upset that you managed to get more of that wonderful Castries before I did! I’m still trying to figure out how to get another bottle without having to drive to NYC.

      In the premiums, I love the Temptryst Cherrywood and El Dorado 15. Closely behind them are the Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva (which I assume, but is their premium) and the Cruzan Single Barrel always has a place on my shelf. The Pyrat XO was my first or second premium rum, but I go through phases with it. The Angostura 1919 is quite good, but unique enough that I go through phases with that, too.

      Also, the “Tempest” is “Temptryst” – you met Daniel at RumFest in NYC. He was the one telling the stories about infusing scorpions. I wish that I had tried some of his flavored rums. I have some of the Temptryst Coconut, which is mild in coconut flavor but very natural. It has a very nice gold rum behind it that is quite tasty, so the combo makes for a mild, but overall very good, coconut rum.

    3. jacflashNo Gravatar says:

      I’m a big fan of both the Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva (as a sipper) and the Cruzan Single Barrel (which I mostly mix). Pyrat is okay, but whatever it is that so many people really like about it doesn’t seem to work for me in the same way. I really want to try the El Dorado but haven’t been able to find it here in MA — just the idea of a high-end Demerara sounds very interesting.

      Sounds like the event was a blast! I totally have to go next year.

    4. ScottesNo Gravatar says:

      Jac – El Dorado 15 can be found at Blanchard’s in Jamaica Plain. 741 Centre St. It is worth the trip.

    5. Jorge AlvarezNo Gravatar says:

      I tried Ron Atlantico recently, the taste is spectacular. I believe this is a new rum but it has had great reviews, I highly recommend it.

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