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    Tales of the Cocktail – Monday Night

    Pat O'Brien's Hurricane

    Knowing that I would be assaulted this whole week by fine dining and complex, crazy cocktails, I wanted to start off on the right foot. That lead me to Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill, a small nook on St. Peter. Sparsely populated, I sat at the bar and opened the menu. That was a useless step, however, as I already knew what I was going to order. A peanut butter burger. That’s right. And it was so fricken’ delicious, I cannot even describe it… or the pool of butter forming a moat on my plate.

    Keeping with the same theme I walked across the street to Pat O’Briens, which is a “multi-bar” of sorts. One offshoot gets you a baudy piano lounge, another a more traditional bar, and finally a beautiful outdoor patio with the obligatory flaming water fountain. Taken from Chuck, Char, Joe, and about 400 other people’s recommendations, I opted for a hurricane (pictured above). I knew going into the drink that it would be sickly sweet, packed with plenty of rum taken from below the bottom shelf, and absolutely delicious in an evil, anti-pompous sort of way. Basically, a cloyingly sweet chemical monstrosity of joy. The warnings / praise were spot on, and it was delicious…

    Though, as I walked back to the Hotel Monteleone to write this, I got a yearning for something a little more authentic. So I’ll be stopping down at the carousel bar in a few minutes to get back on track. And now for a real Hurricane recipe:


    • 2oz lemon juice
    • 2oz passion fruit syrup
    • 4oz dark Jamaican rum (Gosling’s)

    Spin up with 6oz crushed ice for a scant 3 seconds. Dump into an appropriately large cup and garnish with lots of swords, angry pineapples, and whatever else suits your fancy at the moment.

    From: Grog Log, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry

    KP Questions

    … you know, if I do questions with each post, this whole week is going to be a bit too much like class time with Kaiser Penguin. Perhaps I’ll just limit it to one per post in hopes of getting everyone to actually comment.

    1. What is your favorite “shameful” drink that you would probably keep under wraps when hanging out with fellow cocktailians?

    6 Responses to “Tales of the Cocktail – Monday Night”

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    6 Comments to “ Tales of the Cocktail – Monday Night”
    1. IIINo Gravatar says:

      favorite “shameful” drink

      This is really shameful:

      The BMW – equal parts Baileys, Malibu, and Jack Daniel (Whiskey) served on the rocks.

    2. NWNo Gravatar says:

      When I am shooting pool, I cannot help but order a 7 & 7… kills me.

    3. SamanthaNo Gravatar says:

      Malibu & Pineapple…embarassingly boring and sticky-sweet but oh so refreshing

    4. ScottesNo Gravatar says:

      I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but… the Pina Colada.

      Beat me, flog me. This drink is wrong in so many ways, but I just love it.

      Back in the day, I had perfected my Pina Colada recipe using Meyers’s Gold Rum, which is no longer made and hasn’t been for some time. In fact, I stopped drinking them when I couldn’t find Myers’s Gold. Now that I have a lot more rum knowledge, I may have to revisit the PC and find the perfect rum for it.

    5. SMNo Gravatar says:

      You won’t be seeing me drink one at Tales, but I have a soft spot for Captain Morgan and Coke. Two ingredients — both of low regard in the cocktail crowd — in an unimaginative, unchallenging highball format. Still, it hits the spot and gives me enough caffeine and sugar to stay away from the energy drink mixes.

    6. Stevi DeterNo Gravatar says:

      Everybody get to thinking, because the theme for October’s MxMo is Guilty Pleasures!

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