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    SDN Apple Wrap-Up

    Thursday Drink Night - two lovely people sharing drink and conversation over the net

    Upcoming TDN – Repeal Day!

    Repeal Day is on the horizon, so the theme this week is classic cocktails. No Manhattans or Aviations though, we’ll be making up new creations using classic ingredients. So if you’re out of gin and vermouth, hop to it. Might I also suggest: maraschino liqueur, lemons, limes, rye whiskey, old tom gin, brandy, scotch, eggs, absinthe, Jamaican rum… not to be specific or anything.

    Come chat with us! bar.mixoloseum.com

    SDN Apple

    Thanksgiving dripped with juicy excitement and left us immovable, slothful heaps, so we pushed last week’s TDN to Saturday, making for the first every Saturday Drink Night. Though we’re returning to our regularly scheduled programming this week, we all had a blast over the weekend. Apfelkorn was the prized ingredient of the night, though not the only apple spirit to get some use.

    Check out the full list of cocktails created by our lusty crew, or take a gander at the following highlights:

    Featured Cocktails

    Pineapple Squared

    • 4 cubes pineapple
    • 1 wedge apple
    • 1T Apfelkorn
    • 1T pineapple syrup
    • 1 1/2 oz Lairds bonded

    Muddle all but the Lairds, then add it along with a bunch of cracked ice. Shake like a blizzard and strain into a short rocks glass.

    Mike / Scratchline

    Baker Alpha

    • 1 1/2oz bourbon
    • 2oz apple juice
    • 1/2oz Apfelkorn
    • 1/2oz allspice dram
    • 2 dashes Fee’s whiskey barrel-aged bitters

    Stir with a load of cracked ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

    SeanMike from Scofflaw’s Den

    The Unoffical

    • 1oz Laird’s bonded
    • 1/2oz cognac
    • 1t curacao
    • 1t allspice dram
    • 3oz ginger beer

    Build over a Babelian tower of crushed ice and jam in a straw.

    Marleigh from Sloshed!

    Proper Squeeze

    • 1 1/2oz Pimm’s #1
    • 1oz Apfelkorn
    • 2 dashes celery bitters
    • 4oz cider

    Build in a svelte glass over ice.

    Rick from Kaiser Penguin

    Rum Mac

    • 2oz Trinidad Zaya
    • 1oz Apfelkorn
    • 1/2oz Wray & Nephew Overproof
    • 1/2oz Lemon Juice
    • 1/2oz Simple Syrup
    • 2 dashes orange bitters

    Shake with crushed ice and donate directly to a pewter butter dish.

    Matt from RumDood.com

    Cinnamon Maharani

    • 2oz dark rum
    • 1oz Apfelkorn
    • 3/4oz pineapple juice
    • 1/2oz grapefruit juice
    • 1/4oz cinnamon syrup
    • ginger ale, to top

    Shake with cracked ice and strain into a happy glass. Top with ginger ale.

    Tiare from A Mountain of Crushed Ice

    American Pie

    • 1 1/2oz Applejack
    • 1/2oz Apfelkorn
    • 1/2oz honey syrup
    • 1/2oz lemon juice
    • 1/4oz Strega
    • 1/4oz sweet vermouth
    • ginger beer, to top

    Shake with ice and strain into a goblet of power. Top with ginger beer.

    Gabe from cocktailnerd


    [tiare] The jwray has a very special flavor, like kerosene, you can’t sub it.

    [rumdood] The Tiare action figure comes with 159 different garnish accessories.

    [SeanMike] The SeanMike action figure would have a cocktail shaker with a bottle of Miller Lite hidden in it.

    [Dr. Bamboo] The PA liquor store playset would contain no inventory whatsoever and a “Clueless Employee” figure that has 37 different voice-activated excuses as to why they can’t get the booze you want.

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    2 Comments to “ SDN Apple Wrap-Up”
    1. […] The chatroom was full and there were as usual many nice drinks made, a roundup is posted at Kaiserpenguin. […]

    2. […] chatroom was full and there were as usual many nice drinks made, a roundup is posted at Kaiserpenguin and […]

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