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    Original Benedictine and B&B Recipes – TDN

    Thursday Drink Night - two lovely people sharing drink and conversation over the net

    Upcoming TDN – The Zombie

    Some may praise it as the quintessential tiki drink, others may tout it as a horrific explosion of bad rum and candy-red syrup, but to know the Zombie truly is to have seen paradise. A wild mix of rums complimented by a perfect dose of citrus and more than a handful of complex and absolutely required drips and dashes.

    We’re taking all that time-tested perfection, throwing it in a Blendtec and seeing what we come up with. Want to try a Zombie made with a float of gin? How about with a few dashes of creme de violette? Or maybe a few drops of orange flower water? Come up with the best new Zombie recipe and you’ll find yourself in the possession of a custom-designed, Zombie-themed mug forged by Cass McClure (aka Ocea Otica). Not only that, but your name will be emblazoned upon its visage. Check out more of his work. The action begins at 7pm EST this Thursday.

    Log in to the chatroom!

    TDN Benedictine and B&B Wrap-Up

    While bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts from around the globe gathered in the Mixoloseum online chat room, I had the pleasure of joining Blair Reynolds, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Sylvan, a host of spouses, Matthew, Char, and several people I am loathsomely forgetting in Craig Hermann’s basement, which just happens to be one of the coolest tiki bars I have ever laid my eyes on. We had a live webcast going the whole time, so everyone got to join in for mixing and antics.

    Winning Cocktail

    If you don’t like the victor, blame yourselves! Or just go vote for the winner.


    • 1 1/2oz Benedictine
    • 1oz dry vermouth
    • 1/2oz cachaça
    • 1oz lemon juice
    • 1 dash orange bitters

    Shake with a monk’s fury and strain into a jeweled cup of success!

    Greg from Mud Puddle Books

    Featured Cocktails

    For the full list of drinks, check out the Mixo Twitter feed. Here are the tasty highlights:

    Brandied Cherry

    • 1oz rye whiskey
    • 1oz B&B
    • 1oz Cherry Heering

    Stir with monkey-cracked ice, strain, and garnish with drink’s namesake.

    Stevi from Two At The Most


    • 2 1/2oz B&B
    • 1 1/2oz grapefruit juice
    • 1/2oz lemon juice
    • 1 dash Angostura bitters

    Shake in a glass beaker and strain, just so, into an iced rocks glass.


    Benedict’s Rule

    • 2oz rye whiskey
    • 1/2oz Benedictine
    • 1/4oz Frangelico
    • 1/4oz Carpano Antica
    • 1 dash Angostura bitters
    • 1 dash Angostura orange bitters
    • brandied cherry, for garnish

    Shake with ice from Mt. Hood and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Drop in the cherry like a an orb of joy.


    Morning Wood

    • 1 1/2oz tequila blanco
    • 1/2oz B&B
    • 1/2oz coffee syrup
    • 1/4oz Fernet Branca
    • 2 dashes absinthe

    Shake with spherical ice cubes and strain into a frigid cocktail glass.

    Gabe from cocktailnerd

    Vesper Prayer

    • 2oz gin
    • 1/2oz Lillet
    • 1/2oz Benedictine
    • lemon twist, for garnish

    Stir with a properly-weighted barspoon, strain into a chilled saucer, and release the bright oils of lemon on top.



    • 1oz El Dorado 15
    • 1oz Lemon Hart 151
    • 1/4oz Benedictine
    • 1/2oz grapefruit juice
    • 1/2oz lime juice
    • 1/4oz vanilla syrup
    • 1/4oz falernum

    Swizzle with the calm of 312 monks.

    Rick from Kaiser Penguin

    2 Responses to “Original Benedictine and B&B Recipes – TDN”

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    2 Comments to “ Original Benedictine and B&B Recipes – TDN”
    1. seezeeNo Gravatar says:

      i just finished the “brandied cherry”; i found it overly sweet, but intriguing. i plan to try it with double the rye & half the other ingredients later this week; i’ll let you know how that turns out.

      note: i made my own b&b by mixing equal parts benedictine & vsop brandy.

    2. seezeeNo Gravatar says:

      ok, workin’ my way thru a vesper prayer … luscious mouth-feel, thick & heavy … flavour a bit like the kool cigarettes or york peppermint pattie of the cocktail world. good eye-appeal; very little aroma. definitely worth a 2nd visit.

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