Noa Noa

Noa Noa

My hosting company has transferred Kaiser Penguin from the Delta server to the Alpha server. I hope this is truly a Brave New World experience, as it has been living on the Delta server.

It looks like they didn’t copy over the most recent version of my wordpress database, but I’m afraid to ask them to try for fear that all will be lost. I’ll include the recipe, but I’ll take a look at the Noa Noa again another time.

Noa Noa

Muddle lime juice or wedges with sugar, bitters, and mint. Add ice and rum, and shake. Strain into a double rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and spent lime shell.

Source: Grog Log, Jeff Berry

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12 Comments to “ Noa Noa”
  1. My wife and I are slowly working our way through classes of spirits, tasting different bottlings and determining “house” brands. We’ve kept procrastinating with rum because we’ve both had too damn many rum-and-cokes with cheap rums. But there’s a damn lot of good stuff out there, so I think that’s our next frontier. This is exactly the kind of drink we’d both enjoy, so I’m eager to try it. Great photo, by the way!

  2. RickNo Gravatar says:

    I can give you a quick breakdown of my house brands – some of these choice came from much tasting, and some are just tasty, so I haven’t gotten around to comparing them yet.

    • Dark Jamaican rum – Myer’s or Gosling’s (They are both quite different, so it’s worth making the same recipe with both to see which you like better. Gosling’s is definitely a staple in my bar.)
    • Gold Jamaican rum – Appleton Estates V/X
    • Barbados rum – Mount Gay Eclipse
    • White Puerto Rican rum – Brugal White (It’s actually from the Dominican Republic, but it was clearly the favorite after much tasting.)
    • Gold Puerto Rican rum – Bacardi gold (or their darker 8 year)
    • Demerara rum – Lemon Hart (If you can find it!)
    • Haitian rum – Rhum Barbancourt 5 star
    • Another good rum is Cruzan blackstrap

    I know I’ve only touched the surface here, but hopefully it will give you a head start.

    Also, definitely check out The Ministry of Rum on eGullet. There are tons of extremely helpful, fellow rum freaks on there. They are always willing to answer a question or point you in the right direction.

  3. DayneNo Gravatar says:

    Holy hell. That’s good, but potent. Fortunately, Lemon Hart Demerara 151 is easy to find where I live (Washington state — being a state-controlled liquor board and stores — is either trivial to get something they stock, or next to impossible for something they don’t.) I’ve never really had it other than as a float (on mojitos), a monor ingredient (various tiki drinks) or in small quantities as part of a homemamde pimento dram. This, however, is an excellent use of what I have left.

    My wife is gone for the weekend, it’s a beautiful Seattle evening, and at 8:30 I still have an hour of sunlight to enjoy — so perhaps I’ll have a second. ;)

  4. RickNo Gravatar says:

    I’m glad you enjoy! I definitely used 80 proof demerara rum in the Noa Noa… I can see the 151 being a bit powerful, not that I wouldn’t try it, of course.

  5. erik_flannestadNo Gravatar says:


    The website does seem a lot more responsive today than it has some times in the past (seems like the last couple weeks have been a wee bit rocky.)

    Hope you get your database issues sorted, and that it doesn’t hurt the pocket book too much.

    Another beautiful picture and a delicious sounding cocktail!

  6. RickNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for following up Erik, that’s always helpful info. Everything looks to be good from my end, so we’ll see!

    Has anyone tried any other combinations of rum in the Noa Noa that are worth sharing?

  7. Rick, thanks for the rum info. I’ll likely build a post around our rum tasting once we get around to it.

  8. […] My first go round was with a Noa Noa, which Rick recently wrote about and graced with such a beautiful photo that I’m afraid to even venture down that path. Though, it really is a fantastic drink. […]

  9. EricNo Gravatar says:

    oooh – pretty picture! nice balance.

  10. […] I’ve paid close attention this summer to Rick’s tiki experiments at Kaiser Penguin. A few months ago, he posted a recipe for a Noa Noa cocktail, a mix of rum, lime, brown sugar, and mint. Sounded yummy to me, so the Noa Noa was my first choice. The recipe Rick posted (which I won’t actually reproduce here, since I used his recipe almost verbatim) called for demerara rum. I thought I had a convenient source for that, but I was wrong. In its place, I used another African rum, Starr, a product of the island of Mauritius. […]

  11. SwankyNo Gravatar says:

    I think Dayne has only seen the Lemon Hart 151 and thought that is what the drink called for. There is a normal proof Lamon Hart that this recipe uses. The drink gets high marks on my Grogalizer from users. I am serving it to some very discriminating friends tomorrow night. I have not tried it yet myself. We’ll see…

  12. MinnieNo Gravatar says:

    What a fabulous cocktail. I might try serving some of these on some of my light night shopping evenings! Thanks for the great post.

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