MxMo Tequila – Acapulco

Acapulco with a fun pineapple garnish skewered with a bamboo pick

Tiki torches flickering in the background to the beats of Don Tiki, I crack open Difford’s Guide Volume 5 to find a recipe for this edition of Mixology Monday, being hosted by My Bar, Your Bar. Visions of both hate letters and high praise float through the air as I listen to the congo beat and sultry voice of the singer. Will my foray into tiki music be accepted or scoffed at by those who live tiki day and night? My blood may have been replaced with rum, but I must shamefully admit to owning only five tikis, and all mugs at that.

MxMo - Tequila

Nevertheless, with visions of being spit-roasted by the patrons of Forbidden Island, I return to my book; there are very few drinks that combine tequila and rum, and of those there are even fewer that don’t taste like filtered sewer water. Fortunately for everyone, the Acapulco happens to be quite tasty and a great refresher for a hot day. Its receipt appears above its Daiquiri cousin on the first page in Difford’s Guide Volume 5. I’m not entirely sure why they share the same name, because they share none of the same ingredients, save rum.


  • 1oz reposado tequila
  • 1oz Barbados rum
  • 1oz grapefruit juice
  • 2 1/2oz pineapple juice
  • 1oz simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with whimsically arranged pineapple.

Source: Difford’s Guide, Volume 5 Simon Difford


The Acapulco is bright and refreshing. Rum and tequila form a strange bond that swirls through the juices like a summer wind tickling the edges of a tiki torch. If you’re looking for something a touch dryer, you can up each spirit by 1/4oz with good results.

Garnish Picks

I was lucky enough to find some bamboo picks at the Wok Shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown, but I haven’t had much luck finding sources on the internet. I’m mostly looking for wooden picks of fun shapes, with fun parrots painted on them, or some other oddities. Has anyone found a good source with a wide variety?

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2 Comments to “ MxMo Tequila – Acapulco”
  1. RickNo Gravatar says:

    Oh my.

    I just found a video of Don Tiki.

    I am so vastly embarrassed that I like this music. Seriously.

  2. Dr. BambooNo Gravatar says:

    C’mon…Don Tiki is quality entertainment! “Occasional Man” is one of my favorite tunes.

    And I’m making the Acapulco as soon as I get some reposado!

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