Mx Monday III Round-Up

I was so happy to see that nearly everyone dusted off their cameras for Mixology Monday III. I hope it’s a trend that continues.

Speaking of trends… the mojito, stinger, and mint julep were the most popular contenders this Monday, and no surprise; they are very tasty drinks. Mr. Science was very happy to see lots of experimenting.

I soon realized that any attempt to try even a tenth of these drinks would surely leave me sprawled out on the couch and likely checking off a sick day on the work calendar. So instead, I decided to take a vacation day.

Pick out a few cocktails that you’ve not had before, and give them a try. And don’t forget to comment on them too!

The Art of the Drink

Darcy pours up two refreshing cocktails, the Mint Divine and the Centaur. Give the latter a try if you’ve been looking for something to do with that Metaxa that’s crawled to the back of your liquor cabinet.

Jiggle the Handle

A new blog for me and one with a cool name. Another dual offering post; this time it’s the Apple-soaked Mojito and the Vatican Julep, both very interesting twists on the original.


Winning the title of neon power, we are enticed by a Chocolate Martini. I definitely need to learn how to balance objects on the rim of my cocktail glasses…

Boston Cocktails

Chris shows us how to turn demon-flavored, overproof rum into mint liqueur and offers up what looks to be a tasty version of the Stinger. What?! I didn’t say “demon-flavored;” I like Wray and Nephew’s Overproof Rum…

What’s Cooking

A Limoncello Mint Spritzer sounds refreshing. Ok, it sounds like the most refreshing drink I’ve heard in a while. “…lemonade with a kick,” she says. A generously sized 4oz kick; Megan must be friends with Jeff Berry.

A Dash of Bitters

Five points for recreating a restaurant cocktail, and another 10 for combining Campari and mint. Enjoy Michael’s La Gitana

pie in the sky

Mmm… basil, ginger, and coconut… Kate’s Thai Mojito is surely worth a try.

jimmy’s cocktail hour

Another look at the Stinger, this time with an homemade (and intense) mint syrup in place of the creme de menthe.

Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once

Mint in the blender? I actually think such power would be needed to stack up against tequila, but I’ll let you be the judge. Check out Haalo’s Pineapple and Mint Margarita.

erin’s kitchen

Blood oranges, vodka, and mint. I’m not seeing anything bad here… pass me another Minty Citrus.


Someone got out-of-hand (in a good way) in the number of drinks they posted. We start out with the Mint Cocktail which makes liberal use of white wine. Then we move to Mr. Manhattan; he is jolly and full of good taste. And finally the Southside Fizz. Each of these drinks contain lots of gin and even better prose.

The Cocktail Chronicles

Our esteemed writer, Paul, endears us with a tale of the Old Cuban, and provides us with the obligatory shot of Hemingway and aged rum.

Cocktail Jen

Can one consume too much mint? Well, it depends how much alcohol is mixed with it. Jen gives us the Atlanta Belle and a lesson in mint control.

Noshes, Thoughts & Reves

A Mint Julep with sour mash whiskey. That’s right, I said it. I’ve never made a pitcher of mint julep goodness before… perhaps that needs to change.

Mixology Monday: Apéritif

Jimmy from his very own cocktail hour has sold his soul in order to host the next Mixology Monday, which will be held on June 26th. The theme: Apéritif. I like this idea with all my heart… now where is my bottle of Lillet?

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10 Comments to “ Mx Monday III Round-Up”
  1. Nice wrap-up. Thanks for hosting this MM. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. Great job to everyone.

  2. […] Rick, of Kaiser Penguin, has posted his round-up of the minty MxMo. I’m already eyeing several new recipes to try out, and I’m sure you’ll find something delightful, too. […]

  3. cNo Gravatar says:

    But Rick… you do not include your own contribution in the round-up. Such humility ill-bespeaks mine host. Thanks, indeed, for wrangling this Monday’s barrage. I’m off to sample a Gitana.

  4. […] After a couple of weeks when I’ve been too busy to even breathe, it was good to break away, albeit briefly, to post for the most recent Mixology Monday. Even better, I wasn’t alone: 15 participants mixed up cocktails with mint. Click on over to Kaiser Penguin for the full wrapup, and thanks to Rick for hosting this time around. […]

  5. […] MMIII – June 5, 2006 Host: Kaiser Penguin Topic: Mint Roundup Permalink: MX Monday III Roundup MMIV – June 26, 2006 Host: Jimmy’s Cocktail Hour Topic: Aperitif Roundup Permalink: TK […]

  6. JamieNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats on your drink in Imbibe! I’m trying it at work today.
    Thanks for the comment on the list. It pointed out that I had posted an old list, as Oort’s Cloud changed to Laffite’s Cloud (long story, but same ingredients). Recipe is now posted (I think the second picture rocks, if I do say so myself!!)

  7. RickNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Jamie! It was fun to create the cocktail – I have definitely done way more food creations than cocktail ones. Any comments? I’d love to hear how to improve it.

    Any suggestions on how to heat the ingredients for the coconut foam w/o a steamer?

    The second picture does rock – I cannot wait to make it.

  8. JamieNo Gravatar says:

    If you don’t have access to a cappuccino machine in order to heat the mix, a pot and stove will work just fine. Just heat the mixture enough to dissolve the gelatin, do not boil! Realistically, if you omit the water and just have coconut milk, you can make a cream (instead of a foam) which tastes the same, but has a different texture, and won’t last ANYWHERE near as long on the drink.

    As for your drink, I really enjoyed it, as did some of my guests at the wood. One person suggested serving it long with some soda, but I liked it fine just the way it was. I used Fee’s instead of Reagan’s as I find the bright orange flavors of Fee’s works better in this drink. I’m thinking about adding it to the drink list at VESSEL, a bar I’m consulting for, but would need to know what city you’re in and the year that it was created, as I try to reference all the drink that I put on my lists.

  9. RickNo Gravatar says:

    I definitely will give it a try with Fee’s, as I had been using Reagan’s in my tests.

    I would be honored to have my drink on VESSEL’s bar menu! The city is State College, PA and the year of creation is 2006.

    I’d be very interested to hear more about your cocktail creation process, as you definitely come up with some cool stuff that I would have never thought of.

  10. EricNo Gravatar says:

    Bah! you and your many vacation days!

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