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  • Oct10

    Celery Bitters


    Jammed tight in my mailbox today was a package from Germany. I ripped it away from its metal cage and nearly tripped as I tore it open before evening getting in the house. As I peeled back one layer of bubble wrap after another, a light from the heavens began to shine down where I was standing. It had finally come. The Bitter Truth Celery bitters.

    If you’re anything like me, experiencing new flavors is one of the most exciting experiences in your life. I nearly fainted with joy the first time I tasted Fernet Branca. Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with vanilla oil at the Ritz in San Francisco? You see where I’m going. Celery bitters, today, is my new love. They’re spicy, scream of celery seed, and aromatically wonderful. I couldn’t resist. Minutes after logging into the Mixoloseum Chat Room, I had some ideas and dashed to the bar.

    One things seems for certain. Celery bitters are damn easy to work with.

    Isartal Rose

    Build over crushed ice and garnish with a delicate ruby grapefruit rose.

    Rick from Kaiser Penguin

    This is light, aromatic, and perfect for sitting outside as Fall rolls in. The grapefruit and celery just melt into the already delightful combination of gin and Pimm’s. The honey adds a touch of floral sweetness.

    KP Question

    1. Have the celery bitters yet? What cocktails do they work well in?

    10 Responses to “Celery Bitters”

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    10 Comments to “ Celery Bitters”
    1. ChristianNo Gravatar says:

      A Dry Martini whit Celery Bitters instead orange bitters is very cool!

      Garden & Tonic
      5 cl gin (i like tanqueray)
      2 cl maraschino (luxardo)
      1/8 fresh lime
      2 dashes celery bitters
      1 cm cucumber
      5-6 mintleavs

    2. RowenNo Gravatar says:

      I don’t have this yet and I’m (celery) green with envy. I wanna understand why celery was a beverage choice years ago. Take celery tonic. There had to be a time when someone might’ve said, “Well, I could go for a Moxie, but maybe pastrami might taste better with Cel-Ray.” Maybe it was just the thing on a humid day with a glass full of chipped ice.

      And I’m interested to know what else goes with celery bitters besides gin. Akvavit looks a natural too, but what about whiskey? Could a dash of celery bitters work in a rye and ginger? I must order immediately.

    3. BonzoGalNo Gravatar says:

      I’d imagine that a Bloody Mary with celery bitters would be fab. And I’m fond of drinking bitters with plain soda as a refresher.

    4. TiareNo Gravatar says:

      Spontaniously i think about grapefruit when i think about Celery bitters, so as soon as i get these bitters i`ll try them with something that contains grapfruit juice. It looks to me like a natural pairing.

      I would also like to try it in champagne cocktails.

      This looks like some really interesting bitters to work with.

      And as all of you know who were in the chatroom, this picture is one of my favorites!

    5. Jay HepburnNo Gravatar says:

      They’re delicious aren’t they. I second Christian’s drinks recommendations – a Martini with these is really quite something.

      Great photo by the way, that’s some garnish!

    6. RickNo Gravatar says:

      Christian and Rowen, I had the Garden and Tonic the other night and it was wonderful. Celery bitters and maraschino play quite well together. Since blood oranges are in season, I jumped at the idea of combining them with the bitters. I’m going to do an actual post on this, but here’s the recipe: 2oz bourbon, 1 1/2oz blood orange juice, 1/2oz simple syrup, 2 dashes celery bitters

      Tiare and Jay, Thanks for the kind words! What other drinks do you think could incorporate celery bitters to good effect?

    7. That garnish is simply superb. I am utterly green with envy of your skill with the knife.

    8. Dr. BambooNo Gravatar says:

      And now the burning question…when will this stuff be sold in the US?

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