Martin Cate Leaves Forbidden Island

Tiki mastermind Martin Cate has left tropical drink mecca Forbidden Island citing “different ideas about the future of the business” than the other partners. As Kaiser Penguin’s West Coast correspondent, I spent many, MANY an evening “covering” Forbidden Island, and Martin’s friendly countenance was an integral part of that experience.

Of course, the bar will still be open. Dollar bills will continue to be speared into the bar’s thatched roof, and presumably the lounge’s secret recipe for the drink by the same name will remain unchanged. But with the loss of Martin, an important reason for trekking out to Alameda is gone.

It goes without saying our grief is as potent and seemingly bottomless as a Fugu for One. Silver lining: We have a feeling that whatever Martin does next is going to have to be even awesomer. (And judging from the lengthy list of wellwishers on Tiki Central, we’re not alone.)

From Rick: I’d like to second Adam’s sentiments. The one time I made it to Forbidden Island, Martin, sadly, wasn’t behind the swizzle stick. All hope is not lost, however… I’m pretty sure he’ll be involved in some crazy tiki scheme at Tales again where I’ll be able to experience his exotic creations. And if the small amount of time we spent together last year is an indication, you’re all in for a treat. Cheers to your future Martin!

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7 Comments to “ Martin Cate Leaves Forbidden Island”
  1. BonzoGalNo Gravatar says:


  2. TiareNo Gravatar says:

    That was some chocking news!

    Well, i wish Martin all the best whatever he may do which i too who havent even met him in real life just know will be awesomer.



  3. […] leading off today with the sad news that is presently weighing down my happy tiki post: Martin “Tiki Bowl of Death” Cate is leaving Forbidden Island. You may remember that TehDood, Camper and I spent an incredibly foggy, rum-soaked evening in Mr. […]

  4. BunnyhugsNo Gravatar says:

    Open a place in New Zealand Martin!

    Come on, you know you secretly want to. . .

    Forbidden Island was the bar I was most annoyed to have missed in San Francisco. Meeting Martin in New Orleans only made me even more annoyed. After seeing Martin in person I could just tell that a visit to Forbidden Island would have been awesome.

    Through a happy coincidence, I’m lamenting Martin’s departure while administering myself the Last Rites.

  5. MartinNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Yeah, a kiwi bar would be fantastic. hmmmm….

    But ,nah, I’m holding out for STATE COLLEGE, PA!!! Wouldn’t the Phyrst be a great tiki bar?

  6. JeremyNo Gravatar says:

    I am so bummed right now. It was fate that Martin opened The FI three blocks from my house and an honor to call it “my local”. He was always great to talk to and his drinks…the best! I know people are saying it won’t change but without Martin, I don’t know…I am nervous.

    Good luck Martin, I will see you at your new place.

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