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    Remixed: From Astro to Zadar

    Like many blogs before me, I’m embarking on a insurmountable quest. One so perilous, so epic, and so filled with rum that I may die from joy before its completion. My Mission Blog every drink in Beachbum Berry Remixed from beginning to end. The impetus for this grand quest is the last potion in this […]

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    Original Fernet Branca Cocktails

    Upcoming TDN Long Island Iced Tea We explore what might be the cornerstone of the cocktail world. Or perhaps better said, where many of us began our journey: mixing lots of random booze together and praying to the mixology gods that it wouldn’t kill us. And taking that as our mantra, we have only one […]

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    Original “Rinsed” Cocktails – TDN

    Upcoming TDN Telephone No, it’s not the new cocktail version of the iPhone, but it’s sure different from our usual Thursday Drink Night themes. Remember the game “telephone” from when you were a child? Well, TDN will kick off with the person at the top of the chatroom list submitting a drink. 15 minutes later […]

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    Kaiser Penguin is a cocktail blog featuring original recipes, homemade ingredients, classic cocktails, and tiki drinks.

    Why on Earth did you name your blog “Kaiser Penguin?”

    It is a well-known fact that penguins are members of high society and enjoy fine cocktails. Our very own kaiser penguin would like me to mention that he also enjoys various treats from the sea.