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Remixed: Martian Time-Slip

Taking a page from one of my favorite food blogs, Momofuku for 2, I’ll occasionally be posting variations on the recipes found within Beachbum Berry Remixed. Doing so will help me use up ingredients before they go bad (like fruit nectar from a stupid can) and to stretch the world of tiki in ways it […]

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Remixed: Astro Aku Aku

In case you didn’t catch my last post, I’m blogging my way through Beachbum Berry Remixed. This kraken-filled quest will surely reef half my warships and turn even the stoutest of crewmates into amorphous blobs of rum and falernum by journey’s end… but every look into my spyglass reveals a horizon filled with tiki pleasure, […]

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Thursday Drink Night Anniversary!

A year ago, this week, the revelry began. And if my sundial displays truth, the Mixoloseum has hosted 50 Thursday Drink Nights since that first mixological day. In that time, cocktail enthusiasts, writers, and bartenders have created over 500 original cocktails using everything from Fernet Branca to buttermilk. Guests who once came in fear of […]

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Kaiser Penguin is a cocktail blog featuring original recipes, homemade ingredients, classic cocktails, and tiki drinks.

Why on Earth did you name your blog “Kaiser Penguin?”

It is a well-known fact that penguins are members of high society and enjoy fine cocktails. Our very own kaiser penguin would like me to mention that he also enjoys various treats from the sea.

Contact: rick@kaiserpenguin.com