Things I’m Looking Forward To in New Orleans

KP on the road - Drink.Write 2009, Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans

My excitement for Tales last year was nearly indescribable short of making obtuse Star Trek references, and this year is no easier. I am now at a loss as to how convey my utter joy without pointing to Dune, MacGyver, or maybe even Stan Jones for advice. Last year, I met a host of cocktail bloggers for the first time, and we had a grand time gallivanting around New Orleans and invariably ending up at Lüke every night.

But the fun extended well beyond that sweat-soaked week. We all became good friends, decided to drink together online every Thursday night, and in the process have created an awesome organization that happens to be putting on a little show of its own the weekend before Tales. We’ve rented an old Victorian house where a bunch of us are staying and have set up a bar that will likely be unparalleled in its array of homemade syrups, booze, and acts of hilarity.


With all that said, though, there are still a few things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1. First and foremost, hanging out with some of the sexiest cocktail beasts on the planet
  2. There is a kold draft machine at our bar. Yes, for real. Along with 80lbs of glacier ice shipped in from Alaska.
  3. Running workshops with Jamie Boudreau and Darcy O’Neil on cocktail photography and a session with Martin Cate and Tiare Olsen on cocktail garnishing – both at Drink.Write 2009.
  4. Judging an infusion content with Chantal, from the Tabard Inn, and Gabe on Wednesday night
  5. Watching as all the virgin bloggers’ heads explode at how awesome the whole event is
  6. A slap-fight between Blair and Matt as to whether Bacardi or Don Q is the superior white rum (well, that actually might not happen, but Gabe and I do have a boxing match planned.)
  7. Tons of sessions at tales – everything from Citrus to Japanese bartending. Perhaps I should finalize my schedule?
  8. Getting to meet Tiare in person for the first time. Let’s see what happens when two people who already use too much Ting and JWray are at the same bar together…
  9. Eating jambalaya at Coop’s Place and stuffing down so many beignets that people start to think I’m addicted to powdered sugar. (Oh, and if you need to find out where else to eat, look at Chuck’s tome on the subject – I’ll surely be following it.
  10. Spirited Dinner at GW Fins, with Jeff Berry and Martin cate sloshing up tiki drinks for us all night.

What are you looking forward to most?

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7 Comments to “ Things I’m Looking Forward To in New Orleans”
  1. laura tNo Gravatar says:

    yeah i cant wait to see the look on all the virgin bloggers face who will be experiencing Tales of the Cocktail for the first time also.

    so you highly recommend visiting the bar at Luke’s?

  2. ChuckNo Gravatar says:

    Not passing out on Thursday. :)

  3. ChuckNo Gravatar says:

    Oh, speaking of Lüke … no more Ojen Frappés there, I’m told. The drinkers of New Orleans have finally consumed the world’s last remaining supply of Ojen (well, except for the two bottles at my house, at the very least). I’m hoping they find a substitute that tastes similar … maybe a Spanish anis del mono dulce?

  4. […] up at Lüke every night. But the fun extended well beyond that sweat-soaked week. We all became goo Go to Source Leave a comment Related PostsJune 30, 2009 — First blood to England in Ashes summer (0)June […]

  5. The ConciergeNo Gravatar says:

    Jealous! Let me know if you pick up any citrus tips with regard to measuring/determining the sourness levels of different citrus.

  6. Very very very jealous. Doesn’t anyone want to phone Madonna and ask her if she wants to adopt a South African mixologist? I can do a good impersonation of an African orphan? Just for a wek or two…. not fair… not fair at all

  7. @AlexanderFNo Gravatar says:

    Was there a winner of #6?
    With regard to the rum that is.

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