MxMo “Limit One” Round-Up

Kaiser Penguin happily shaking up potions of death
I half-joked and was half-serious when I said I’d try all the submissions the last time I hosted Mixology Monday. Though this time, only one day after I chose the “Limit One” theme, I received a memo from my liver. It was very short and to the point: “You’ll regret it. – Your Functioning Liver” That said, I do plan to try out several of your fine potions of destruction over the next day … or month.

The Round-Up


Charlie’s Cronin Cocktail

Oh Chartreuse, how you swoon me with your sweet, herbally goodness. Charlie picks up the prize for the first MxMo post, and that wins him nothing! Well, except for probably being the most read part of this post. His drink is simple, dangerous, and more than lovable. Basically drop in an ounce of Chartreuse and top with champagne. Repeat. Anita has a version of this called the Chantreuse that looks delightful as well. Charlie submitted a 2nd recipe that you can check out in the comments.

Wisdom of Pelé

Blair’s Wisdom of Pelé

My soul has been won. This, quite simply, is one of the best exotic cocktails I’ve tasted. I could sit here and rave on and on about the Wisdom of Pelé (aka delicious ginger candy containing 4 1/2oz of rum), but instead, get yourself on over there and make one. I didn’t have any vanilla liqueur on hand, but it’s delicious without it. You’re in for a treat, as Blair offers up a fun “Limit One” story by Don the Beachcomber himself.

Fog Cutter and required spirits

Seamus’s Early Fog Cutter

Alas, another delicious-looking cocktail that contains the ever-allusive Pisco. And a variation on one of my favorite tiki drinks too, the Fog Cutter. To quote Seamus, “The gin is another genius addition,” and how right he is. I will definitely -not- be whipping one of these up tonight… lack of pisco and all.


Shawn’s Intermission

Deftly avoiding a Long Island Iced Tea post, Shawn moved into territory I am unfamiliar with: raspberry rum. In addition to creme de cassis, 151, and gold rum, his Intermission looks like it would pack a punch. Alongside his potent beverage, he treats us with a beautiful photo.


Scomorokh’s Scorpion

Ah, the classic scorpion. Is it a surprise that the majority of the submissions have been tiki drinks? I think not. In the comments, one Douglas Winship complains about the intensity and effort required to craft exotic cocktails. Shame I say. For shame.


Gwen’s Manhattanite

Gwen is not a fan of the Manhattan. It’s early in the night, so I’ll let it slide, simply because her blog is so fun. She gives us the Manhattanite, a variation on the Manhattan made with homemade cherry whiskey. It sounds quite good, though I don’t think I’ve seen cherries in 5 months! This reminds me. I’ve made several batches of homemade maraschino cherries, and the only ones that were not super-deadly were the ones I soaked in maraschino liqueur. What’s everyone’s favorite recipe?

Diamondback Terrapin

Michael’s Diamondback Terrapin

Another drink with Chartreuse! This is just glorious. The original concoction calls for yellow, but such low proof will not do this Mixology Monday. Michael ups it to green, but he doesn’t stop there. He brings out bonded rye AND bonded applejack. The answer is yes. He actually has a picture of the drink that is quite good, but this turtle (also in his post and filled with history) was small.

Singapore Strait Jacket

Gilrain’s Singapore Strait Jacket

A first timer! What a great name for a cocktail blog too: Lunar Policy. I know, for a fact, that penguins enjoy their yearly trip to the moon, yes… … well then. Offered up is a variation on the Singapore Sling that omits the soda water. This actually doesn’t surprise me; I’ve heard many a cocktail lover say they don’t prefer clear fizzies in their beverages. Do you? This post reminds me of the horrible burden that looms in my drafts on WordPress. The Singapore Sling recipe comparison. I have something like 40 recipes just waiting to be tried… someone want to step up and help?

Mahjongg Cocktail

Anavolena’s Mahjongg Cocktail

I’ve pulled a glorious quote from this also fairly new cocktail blog: “…it seems like MxMo should be an encouragement to try something new.” Ever since Mixology Monday began so long ago, I’ve never ceased to get pleasure from the new potions available to me every month. And the Mahjongg Cocktail is no exception. I also see a bottle of Appleton White in the background. Well done.

Trader Tiki's Primitiva

Lance’s Hurricane

Lance brings us a massively intense version of the Hurricane. It contains 12 ingredients. 12! My regular recipe contains 3. The tiki gods are surely displeased with my efforts. It also includes an ingredient I’ve never heard of: Trader Tiki’s Primitiva. What is this?! What is everyone’s favorite Hurricane recipe?

More to Come!

What?! “Where are the other 20+ entries?” you ask. I have always been distressed that the round-up posts are so enormous that I never find a way to make it through them all. And considering we do this only once a month, what harm is there in spreading out the booze? It’s not like you’re even going to make all of the ones above in a week. So expect a few more round-up posts over the next week or so. If I’ve not included you early on, fret not! It simply means you didn’t get your ass in gear and submit early.

This also means that if you didn’t submit on time, you still have a chance.

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11 Comments to “ MxMo “Limit One” Round-Up”
  1. AnitaNo Gravatar says:

    Look at all those beauteous photos! Everyone really brought their A-game — I am impressed.

    Thanks for hosting, Rick. :)

  2. gilrainNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent idea on spreading it out over two posts, and I hope future hosts take your lead! I’ve often found I cherry-pick the best-sounding entries to try, and this’ll help me (and probably others) give more attention to each entry.

    Incidentally, the Singapore Strait Jacket is actually a variation on the Straits Sling, rather than the Singapore Sling. The Straits Sling is a dryer, earlier version.

    Thanks again for hosting! Gorgeous round-up!

  3. Nice spread man!

    The Primitiva… it is a mystery. To some men, a treasure, to others, a curse…

  4. Lance J. MayhewNo Gravatar says:

    The Primitiva had me cursing Blair out the next day. Ouch.

  5. Great round-up, Rick! And I love all the gorgeous pictures everyone took. Can’t wait for part 2…

  6. rick, thank you for hosting… and for your forgiveness of my feelings on manhattans! glad it was early on in the night… ps, i haven’t seen cherries in about five months either–this stuff was made last summer… and i confess, i have yet to attempt homemade maraschino cherries! cheers, gwen

  7. AnitaNo Gravatar says:

    please, sir, may we have some more?

  8. GabrielNo Gravatar says:

    I want to personally apologize for not getting my entry in on this one Rick, I loved the theme and had a fairly good idea of a drink picked out. I’m eternally flattered you used my design scheme and it looks even better on your site with the larger thumbnails and borders; good work as always and a great round-up of drinks. I’ll look to be a non-slacking imbiber in the future.

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